Back in November we took a road trip to West Virginia to do a barrel selection at Smooth Ambler, one of our favorite distilleries.  It was a great opportunity to bring the first single barrel Old Scout American Whiskey to Michigan and we wanted to make sure we did it up in true Sugar House style.

One of the defining moments of the trip was our Monday morning breakfast at Biscuit World!  Needless to say you should never taste a bunch of whiskey barrels (13 to be exact) on an empty stomach, but Biscuit World takes the cake (dough?) for stick to your ribs heartiness.  Biscuits as big as your head are the order of the day and kudos to John Foster for knowing exactly how to prep us for the fun that would come next.

Old Scout American Whiskey is a blend of sourced high rye bourbon and Tennessee whiskey that is then married in used Old Scout bourbon barrels for an additional time in their rick houses in WV.   The standard expression is bottled at 99 proof but the single barrels are bottled at 107 proof (bonus!).  It’s now available on our house single barrel menu in 1 oz. and 2 oz. pours, as well as being a great option to upgrade a number of classic cocktails.


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