Jake Miller stopped by Fox 2 this morning to celebrate International Margarita Day! Although there are many modern variations of this classic cocktail (think frozen, fruity, and STRONG), we took the opportunity to shake up our take on the original. We threw a twist on this classic by substituting the standard silver tequila with a lightly aged reposado expression by Patron. The time in the barrel adds some additional notes of wood and vanilla that complement the orange from the Citronage liqueur and balance out the acidity from the fresh lime juice. Instead of the salted rim we opt to add a measured dose of saline solution for consistency and to reduce waste in our cocktails. There's no wrong way to drink a margarita as long as it puts a smile on your face, but here's our recipe for the classic:

1.5 oz Patron tequila (standard silver, or experiment with aged expressions)
.75 oz orange liqueur
.5 oz lime juice
4 drops saline solution (adjust to taste)

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